Hybrid Auscultation Bundle

C- aus: Hybrid auscultation bundle

C-uasTM (Auscultation Bundle) consists of three modules. C-ound (Hybrid Digital Stethoscope), C-pool (Lung, Heart, GIS Auscultation Sound Library) and C-tag(Location Marker).

You can use C-uasTM with standard(simulated) patients, dummy mannequins or just by software. The classroom and clinical settings can turn into simulated education environments, which is called in-situ simulation.

C-ound (Hybrid Digital Stethoscope)

The stethoscope works with clever stickers; it may be used on standard patients or on dummy mannequins. The sounds can be controlled on-the-fly or according to a scenario by C-panel (Control Module) and C-Nario module. 

In order to hear the sounds from C-oundTM, it must make contact with C-tagTM. The rhythm of both the C-oundTM and the C-monTM work together in sync.

By using C-oundTM you can listen to heart, lung and bowel sounds that are related to many general and special medical cases. Using it together with the C-panel will increase the realism in your training. The speed of the heart and lung sounds you want can be changed instantly according to the scenario or in on-the-fly mode. So when you increase the heart rate in the control module, both the patient monitor and stethoscope sounds will change realistically according to the speed in the scenario.

C-pool (Lung, Heart, GIS Auscultation Sound Library)

C-pool is a database that contains more than 50 heart, lung and bowel sounds that can be heard in a real medical case. All you have to do is select the appropriate sound for your training via C-panel and adjust it to your desired period. Thus, your students will be able to experience a real vital sound experience.

Digital stethoscopes were used to capture audio recordings from real patients, and these recordings underwent processing to achieve optimal quality. Signal processing techniques were also utilized to ensure that the quality remained consistent even as the rhythm changed. The sound in the stethoscope changes along with the rhythm, without any loss of quality.

C-pool allows you to add sounds to your scenarios by using C-nario.

C-tag (Location Marker)

With C-tags, it’s possible to acquire various lung, heart, and bowel sounds for both standard (simulated) patients and dummy mannequins. Simply position your C-sound stethoscope over the C-tag and you’ll hear the appropriate sound for the scenario. C-tags can also be placed inside the mannequin, as they’re effective up to 2 cm and made of material that won’t damage your equipment. The C-aus bundle comes with 30 reusable C-tags, and if you require additional ones, you can easily order them via our website.