C-lary (Hybrid digital laryngoscope / hybrid laryngoscope)

C-LARY is an innovative digital laryngoscope designed for educational use. It functions as a one-to-one laryngoscope with a camera and light attached on top, providing a realistic and practical experience for students.

Using C-LARY, students can intubate the manikin while taking instant images from the screen, similar to real digital laryngoscopes. The educator overseeing the simulation can also monitor the intubation process in real-time via the C-panel and store it for later use in debriefing sessions.

This allows instructors to provide valuable feedback to students based on their performance during the intubation process. Additionally, if desired, the video of the intubation process can be projected to the class screen for all students to observe and learn from.

C-LARY comes in various sizes for newborn, pediatric, and adult patients, providing a comprehensive learning experience for students of all levels. The wireless transfer of images eliminates the need for messy cables, making the learning environment more efficient and organized.

It also allows educators to provide valuable feedback and monitor the process from the performer’s perspective, making the learning experience more effective and informative.

Overall, C-LARY provides students with an opportunity to perfect their intubation skills before performing the procedure on real patients.