Hybrid Digital Stethoscope

The stethoscope works with clever stickers; it may be used on standard patients or on dummy mannequins. The sounds can be controlled on-the-fly or according to a scenario by C-panel (Control Module) and C-nario module. 

In order to hear the sounds from C-oundTM, it must make contact with C-tagTM. The rhythm of both the C-oundTM and the C-monTM work together in sync.

By using C-oundTM you can listen to heart, lung and bowel sounds that are related to many general and special medical cases. Using it together with the C-panel will increase the realism in your training. The speed of the heart and lung sounds you want can be changed instantly according to the scenario or in on-the-fly mode. So when you increase the heart rate in the control module, both the patient monitor and stethoscope sounds will change realistically according to the speed in the scenario.