Hybrid Patient Monitor

Hybrid Patient Monitor

C-mon provides healthcare professionals with a lively experience that closely mimics real-life situations they will encounter in the future. Students can experience vital parameters (such as EKG, SPO2, End Tidal CO2, Respiratory Rate, Body Temperature, and Blood Pressure) with
C-mon that they may encounter in various diseases.

The interface of C-mon is similar to the bedside monitors used in hospitals and enhances your students’ patient monitoring skills.

Available vital signs


•SpO2 and graphics

•etCO2 and graphics

•Respiratory Rate and graphics

•Body temperature

•Blood pressure

Available Cardiac Rhythms

•Sinus Rhythm

•Ventricular tachycardia

•Supraventricular tachycardia

•Ventricular fibrillation

•Atrial fibrillation

•Atrio-Ventricular Block (2:1)

•Atrial Flutter

Like all SimClever products, C-mon is compatible with other SimClever products. When used with C-ound (Hybrid Digital Stethoscope), it allows students to experience lung, heart and bowel sounds that are compatible with the vitals shown in C-mon.

You can create your own scenarios using the Scenario module (C-nario).

C-mon comes with a tablet computer and can be used as a screen to access laboratory results, diagnostic imaging (such as Chest X-ray), physical examination, and clinical information through software without needing a different solution.

C-panel (Control Module for Sim-Based Medical Education) is required to play different scenarios in C-mon. This same software lets you control all your SimClever products, such as C-mon, C-ound , and C-lary, from a single location.

You can buy C-mon separately or with the bundles listed below.

Virtual Hospital Bundle (BM-01, BM-02, BM-03, ST-01, ST-02, LM-01, BM-04, BM-05, PC-01, TP-01, MV-01, LS-01, DF-01 + CM-01)
Virtual Clinical Bundle (BM-01, BM-02, BM-03, ST-01, ST-02, LM-01, BM-04, BM-05, PC-01, TP-01, DF-01 + CM-01)
Auscultation Bundle (C-aus) (ST-01, ST-02, LM-01, PC-01, CM-01)
Entubation Bundle ( CM-01, 3 different size of LS-01)
Respiratory Bundle (BM-01, BM-02, MV-01 + Auscultation + Entubation Bundle)