Control Module

One module to rule them all“*

The C-panel serves as a central hub for managing all SimClever modules coherently from a single location.

C-panel allows you to play scenarios on a scene-by-scene basis or make instant changes on-the-fly mode; you can always keep control. You can also switch back to the scenario from on-the-fly mode without having to restart the scenario.

With a single control module (C-panel), you can control patient monitor, laboratory, imaging, audio, physical examination, hybrid digital stethoscope, mechanical ventilator, digital training laryngoscope modules, play scenarios, perform measurement evaluation during the scenario and take notes for the debriefing module to be sent.

All changes you make during training are instantly recorded on the C-panel and presented to you as a report for evaluation after training. You can also take personal notes and save them to the document during training.

Using the C-nario module, you can evaluate your students using control lists and Likert scales while providing training with a scenario and their scores will be automatically calculated when the training is over. You can also present these notes as a report or keep them in your archive.

You can take notes for use on the debriefing screen during the scenario. All vital signs that occur during training, control lists, digital laryngoscope and data from mechanical ventilators are automatically saved in the training archive for use on the debriefing screen.

With C-panel, you can instantly control

  • the vitals in C-mon
  • Lung and Heart auscultation  sounds in C-aus
  • results in C-lab
  • the images in C-im
  • the lung dynamics in C-vent
  • the instant images in C-lary
  • the situations in C-fib
  • the scenes in C-nario

 and much more either scenario-based or on-the-fly

*The phrase “one module to rule them all” is a reference from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series, in which the One Ring controls all other rings of power. In this context, it means that the C-panel serves as a central control module that manages all SimClever modules coherently from a single location. This allows you to play scenarios, make changes, and control all necessary equipment easily and efficiently.