C-vent (Mechanical Ventilator Simulator)

Introducing C-vent, the ultimate mechanical ventilator simulator that offers advanced lung physiology and mobility. With this user-friendly tool, you can enhance your mechanical ventilation skills anytime and anywhere. You have the freedom to choose from our pre-designed scenarios or create your own based on vital, lab, and imaging data.

You have complete control over lung compliance, airway resistance, total lung capacity, and spontaneous breathing to best suit your case, and C-vent will respond accordingly. Students can choose from various modes such as non-invasive nCPAP, nIMV, and invasive AC (pressure or volume), SIMV (pressure or volume), Pressure Support (pressure or volume), and IMV modes from the mechanical ventilator screen. They can also adjust PIP, PEEP, TV (VG modes for), IT, Rate (speed) to mirror a real patient’s bedside and fine-tune based on the patient’s feedback.

You can create your own scenarios with the C-nario module.

We believe that real patients should never be used as educational material. That’s why C-vent provide you with a diverse range of cases that you can access easily and repeat as many times as necessary to enhance your learning.

You can perform intubation using C-laryTM with your manikin and provide the more realistic ventilation training.

What’s great that you receive all these benefits at a reasonable price

Available Invasive MV Modes

  • Pressure AC
  • Volume AC
  • Pressure SIMV
  • Volume SIMV
  • Pressure PS
  • Volume PS

Available non-invasive MV Modes

  • nCPAP
  • nIMV