Hybrid Defibrillator/Cardioverter/Pace/AED Simulator

C-defibTM has been developed to be able to experience and provide education for classic defibrillation without applying a real shock. You can use defibrillator spoons that work in harmony with the software and the scenario, or you can just use the buttons on the software. Defibrillator spoons that work integrated with the software have the sensitivity of actual defibrillator spoons and do not discharge if they are not pressed hard enough or if the buttons on them are not pressed. In these spoons, there is no electricity and defibrillation-cardioversion processes are simulated according to the scenario you want, software-wise.

You can apply electroshock to any skill manikin or standard (simulated) patient using C-defibTM spoons and observe their rhythms on the tablet screen (C-mon).

If you want, you can apply electroshock only on the tablet without C-defibTM spoons and take your theoretical training to the most advanced level. This method can be used primarily to enrich education during classical lecture presentations.

In the C-defibTM module, you can make energy adjustments like in a real defibrillator device, using it as synchronized cardioversion, defibrillation or pacer.

The educator can control the C-defibTM screen via the C-panel, which allows you to apply a realistic scenario-based defibrillator experience and allows the scenario to progress to different scenes according to the student’s performance.

Buttons such as disarm and sync used in defibrillators are placed in similar places on the C-defibTM screen; thus, your students can experience advanced defibrillation without harming themselves, those around them or the mannequin.

When C-defibTM paddles are activated without any contact (without pressing the buttons on them), they do not work like a real defibrillation process. To apply a shock to the manikin or SP, both paddles must be entirely placed and the buttons on them must be pressed.

You can use C-defibTM paddles with any skill model as well as on real people during training sessions performed using simulated patients.

You do not need to purchase a second hardware screen to use C-defibTM. One of the tabs on the C-mon screen switches to the C-defibTM screen after you upgrade the product. You can switch between C-mon and C-defib with just one click, just like you can switch between C-vent and C-lary screens.