Price List

2023 Price List

SimClever® has been committed to improving patient care and safety through healthcare education since its founding in 2020. SimClever® designs, develops, and manufactures products at its world headquarters in Rize, Türkiye. SimClever® products are sold through direct sales in Türkiye.


A two-year limited warranty covers SimClever® manufactured products. Extended warranty plans are also available. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit for details.

Patent and/or Trademark may protect SimClever® products. All prices are Turkiye, unless otherwise indicated.

All SimClever® simulators are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the Türkiye. Product design and price are subject to change without notice. 

SimCleverTM, Rise TogetherTM and MeducasimTM, are Trademarks of Rise Teknoloji Company, Inc.

SimClever 2023 Price List